Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When God Comes Down

I will not even try to describe it. How do you describe something that God Himself does in front of your eyes? I know of people who hear about it for years and even though it does sound nice, they cant understand why would anyone cross the world for it. And when they eventually experience it themselves, it changes their lives forever. Others , on the contrary after growing up at the Mission, turn against it in anger. And some people who from the first minute are so in love with it that the eyes of their love dont even blink... and the Lord not only allowes them to experience it directly, but also makes them a part of it. Yes, I am one of these.

My testimony has yet a few chapters to be lived. But here is a priceless movie about the Mission and the Revival, told in Zulu by uncle Erlo. They did this movie of presentation for the 40 years of Revival celebrated last year. There is nothing I need to add to this. Except maybe, that their testimonies and words are not even half of what they live.

The most beautiful story ever.

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